Real Talk: Athletic Scholarships & New Recruiting Rules
Dates & Location

Real Talk Seminar (Brooklyn)

Friday Octorber 26, 2012 7pm - 9pm

Real Talk Seminar (Long Island)
Monday October 29, 2012 7pm - pm

Real Talk Seminar (Westchester)
Friday Novemnbert 2, 2012

Real Talk Seminar (New Jersey)

RealTalk: Basketball Athletic Scholarships is a one day seminar designed to answer all the questions you have regarding obtaining a basketball scholarship without all the frills and double talk. It's a great opportunity for Parents, High School/AAU coaches, Mentors/Advisors and Student-Athletes (JHS & HS) to find out what are the realities and myths regarding obtaining a free college education by way of an athletic scholarship. Listen to and talk with the movers and shakers in basketball recruitment  to get straight forward information and get ahead of the game. 

If you are serious, it's time for RealTalk